God is writing another story

God is writing another story. It starts with 3 Johnsons, a ministry to unwed mothers in Taiwan, 2 passionate God-loving ladies, an 18 year old girl and 1 tiny baby. Let's see where the story goes...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Really Good News---and some Not So Great News

Ok so one huge blessing in this adoption is that we are eligible for the first time for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit!!!  With the very unexpected referral in February of a new daughter, we were relieved that God had provided a means to us to pay the first "goodly chunk" of our adoption expenses!!!  As a provision in Obama's recent health care legislation, the federal adoption tax credit was changed for 2010 to be a straight refund instead of a credit.  Under the new rules, we filed to receive the refund at the 2008 rate for when Noelle's adoption was finalized.  That is super duper news for our family, since as a "Self Employed" Pastor, most of our taxes are actually paid as social security taxes, not as traditional federal taxes, hence the lack of eligibility.

The not so great news is to get the refund money, we are essentially being audited by the IRS.  From what I am learning through lots of internet research is that most adoptive families are having their cases being sent to review.  We are one of many.  We are being required to send additional documention-- more proofs of the adoption plus itemized expenses, receipts, etc.  What I am hearing is that the beauracratic run around could add additional months onto refunds being processed and sent out!!  This is a huge prayer request.  Eric and I thought this money would be coming much sooner.  We have adoption fees to pay to His Hands.  We have to pay USCIS to file a change of country for our I-171H.  We have to pay TECO for document authentications.  We have international shipping costs.  Eeeek!!!  I keep reminding myself that nothing in this whole adoption was a surprise to God.  So family, friends, love-ones,,,will you join us in prayer for God to unravel this situation in His way and His time...and for us to have peace in the meantime?  I know you will.  Thank you in advance!


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