God is writing another story

God is writing another story. It starts with 3 Johnsons, a ministry to unwed mothers in Taiwan, 2 passionate God-loving ladies, an 18 year old girl and 1 tiny baby. Let's see where the story goes...

Monday, July 11, 2011

I THINK we have good news :)

Something came in the mail today.  Letter number 5 or 6 from the IRS in regards to the status of our adoption tax refund.  All previous letters have contained messages of "delay".  This is the first letter that sounds like good news!!

"We are pleased to tell you we did not make any changes to the tax reported on your return.  We will be returning any original documents you sent relating to your return in a separate envelope.  If you are due a refund, we will send it to you within 6 to 8 weeks..."

It sounds like a check is on its way.  End of August, early September.  Just in time to travel to Taiwan.

Thank you, Lord!!!

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