God is writing another story

God is writing another story. It starts with 3 Johnsons, a ministry to unwed mothers in Taiwan, 2 passionate God-loving ladies, an 18 year old girl and 1 tiny baby. Let's see where the story goes...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Problem Could Delay Our Travel

We have run into quite a snag with our adoption the past 48 hours.  Our case is on hold with AIT.  That means no travel dates.  They will not finish processing our case until they receive new fingerprints from us.  Ours expired July 13 and the following week we mailed the application to get them renewed.  When I spoke on Monday to our caseworker at USCIS, she said our paperwork had indeed arrived but had not been "transferred" to her yet.  When I pressed for a time frame of when we would receive our appointment letter in the mail, and how soon our appointment would be, I got a, "Ma'am, you need to just wait until you get the paper in the mail."  Ugh!  In hindsight, I should have applied for our renewals a couple months prior, but had it in my head that all we needed was current fingerprints at the time of travel.  Wrong I was.

So at this moment, no travel dates are in sight--which could cause even bigger problems as our immigration approval to bring Selah home to the U.S. expires October 14th.  And we all know how slowly bureaucratic wheels tend to turn.

Eric and I emailed His Hands right away to update them.  I also got online and emailed several Taiwan adoption groups to learn their experiences and advice.  Ain't the Internet great?!  I have also been in contact with USCIS, NVC and AIT via email and or phone.  We will make more contacts today.

Depending on what we learn this afternoon when we call our caseworker, again, at USCIS, we just might drive to the Atlanta USCIS office on Monday morning and beg them to let us in.  Even if we don't have an appointment.  But we are praying that either,
1) Our appointment letter does arrive in the mail this week,,,and we still drive to USCIS Monday and wait in line until they can squeeze us in for fingerprints, or
2) USCIS will be super agreeable and fax us the letter even before they mail it. 
Now of course, this is all contingent on whether or not our caseworker has reviewed our file yet.  We are praying she has!!  If none of the above works...we will call our congressional office (per the recommendations of many adoptive parents) to try to move this along.

Just another bump in the road of adoption!  Granted, it seems like a super HUGE bump, but God is used to moving mountains!!  Thank you, family and friends, for your ongoing prayers for this whole adoption process.  Someday soon, that sweet little Selah WILL be in our arms!!! :)

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