God is writing another story

God is writing another story. It starts with 3 Johnsons, a ministry to unwed mothers in Taiwan, 2 passionate God-loving ladies, an 18 year old girl and 1 tiny baby. Let's see where the story goes...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crazy!! (a.k.a. our paperchase thus far)

Doing the paperwork required for an international adoption is never a simple straightforward matter.  It takes a certain level of patience, diligence, humility, organization and determination.  I don't know if I had high levels of all these qualities back when we started our China process, but I can tell you I've grown in all 5 areas!  I often advise, "Expect the unexpected.  And ask lots of questions along the way-- of your agency of course, but also of parents who've gone before you."

This adoption is typical in that there have already been small curve balls.  And it's been less than a month! lol 

First it was the misunderstanding that developed with our home study social worker.  She wrote our first Taiwan home study, our Taiwan update, our Ethiopia home study, and of course we wanted to work with her again.  She thought one thing; we thought another; and I feared we would not get our home study, ever.  (Note to self:  email communication is rife with the possibility for misunderstandings.)  Eric called her and had a lovely phone visit which cleared everything up, PTL.

Second is that dealing with US Immigrations is as confusing as ever.  As of now our government has approved us to bring home a child from Ethiopia.  We need to switch back to Taiwan.  It took some time to track down which form is needed to apply for a "2nd change of country".  We also have conflicting reports on where to send this form/new home study/fee.  If it ends up in the wrong place, it could literally sit ignored in a lockbox.  Please pray that we do the right thing.  Oh and there's that little issue of our fingerprints expiring in July...

Third is gathering new documentation for the home study/dossier, getting new physicals, scheduling visits with the social worker, etc.  His Hands needs the home study to start translating it to Chinese for the Taiwan judge.  With God's help, we gathered and signed and "appointmented" and notarized everything in 1 week!  Woot!!  The crazy goofy part was our social worker being a no-show to our home visit Monday afternoon.  It turns out she was caught on the road in some terrible storms we had in Chattanooga.  Praise God she was unhurt.  Then,,,our rescheduled visit was for Wednesday morning BUT Eric just started jury duty this week!!  We prayed hard and the judge send him home Wednesday morning in time for the home visit.  Yipee!!  Now the last item of business for the home study is getting several notarized originals.  Easy huh?  Well no, not when the social worker's notary's commission expires in a couple months and we have to get another notary and skype with her boss about it and blah blah blah...  I'm tired just writing this because it is all so convoluted.  Well, somehow God will work it out! :)

See what I mean? 
Expect the unexpected. 
Be flexible. 
And while you're at it-- enjoy a little Crazy!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, been there and done all that. My sympathies.

Jennifer said...

Hi Anonymous,

You didn't sign your name...