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God is writing another story. It starts with 3 Johnsons, a ministry to unwed mothers in Taiwan, 2 passionate God-loving ladies, an 18 year old girl and 1 tiny baby. Let's see where the story goes...

Friday, March 11, 2011

We are stuck here

Disclaimer:  This is a whiny post.

I feel really sad right now because our social worker never called us today to come pick up our home study report.  It is a week past when she said it would be ready and I don't want to get my expectations up for Monday either.  I am really confused because she indicated it would be quick and easy.  I wanted to email her this morning but Eric said not to bug her.  Granted, she is doing us a "certain favor" (mum's the word on that) so we really appreciate her help and don't want to bug her or annoy her.  But it should be a short easy document to finish up-- I actually did the editing and revising of the old home study and made her a photocopy.  She seemed to appreciate me being proactive.  I thought it would save her lots of time.  Theoretically she just needs to type in the edits, sign and notarize.  Pretty please, can we have our home study?  Pretty please, with whipped cream and cherries on top?

Sorry to be such a downer folks.  I'm a whiny pants because Holly and Trena can't translate a home study they don't have.  No more of the paperwork steps can be completed until this happens.  When we received Noelle's referral from China, we traveled in 3 months.  For Taiwan, the time from referral to travel can sometimes stretch up to 12 months.  The court process is a big part of that, getting our AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) appointment, getting Selah's visa, etc.  The thought of having to wait that long makes me quiver in my boots.  I pray every single day for the Lord to move things along much quicker.  I am praying for a miracle--to travel this summer.  I pray for him to remove any hindrances The Enemy may throw in our path. 

I am asking myself:  Is this home study hassle a hindrance meant to delay an orphan getting a family, or is it God trying to slow things down, for reasons only He knows??  THAT my friends, is the question.

In writing this post, I do realize I'm not as rational as I normally would be, due to:
a) I've been sick for 2 weeks,
b) I'm exhausted,
c) My time of the month is almost here which makes me weepy and emotional.(I just made the fellows reading the blog blush--sorry guys!)
d) _______________ (fill in the blank)

Ok this is me signing off.  Gonna have me a little cry and then maybe I'll feel better.

Hey--I told you it was a whiny post! ;-)


kelly b said...

Hey friend! It's ok to be whiney!! You deserve it!!! It is hard to have so much love for your child and not be able to go get her!!!!! I dread that part myself! We only had about 8 weeks from referral and travel with Ava and I thought I'd burst! So I'm praying things move along quickly for you!!!! Can't wait to see Selah in your arms!!!

Amy Woods said...

I understand your pain, girlfriend! You have been so patient and so strong throughout your journey and its OK to have emotions that aren't chipper and happy 100% of the time. You're a real mama who wants her baby girl home! I think I would definitely ask on Monday if you haven't heard from your social worker!! But still just praying that Monday is the day you get it!!